Charlotte opens campaign headquarters for Obama

January 11, 2012 by  

The Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters of the Obama re-election campaign opened on Thursday January 5 in the one-story building between Presbyterian Hospital and Central Piedmont Community Center on Elizabeth Avenue. Campaign officials are in need of volunteers and have used printing services to print up sign-up sheets and flyers and posters for volunteers to distribute throughout the state.

Volunteers are needed to make phone calls to voters, knock on doors and talk to people, register those who have not done so to vote and to do whatever else is necessary to get President Obama re-elected this year. Four years ago, he carried North Carolina by 14,000 votes but this year, according to Mitch Stewart, the campaign’s director of battleground states, more is at stake during this election due to the focus on the campaign for the Republican candidate, with debates and talking points clouding the issues. He added that the Republican vision for the country is different from Obama’s and this needs to be made clear to the country as a whole.

He also pointed out that this re-election campaign will be a difficult one as the poll numbers for the president have dropped substantially during his term due to gridlock in the Congress and a stagnant economy.

According to Lindsay Siler, the campaign director in North Carolina for President Obama’s re-lection, she attributes candidate Obama’s success in North Carolina by making one last campaign stop on the eve of the election at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. This year, the same site will be the location for the Democratic National Convention where President Obama will accept his party’s nomination for President.