Charlotte NC marches for babies

May 1, 2012 by  

Early in the morning on April 28, 2012, about 7,500 people joined in an event on Trade and Tyron streets of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Their purpose was to raise much-needed funds for the Charlotte March of Dimes’ March for Babies walk. The march is estimated to raise approximately $600,000. This target would exceed last year’s by over $50,000. According to the March of Dimes website, over $2 billion has been collected since the inception of the campaign in 1970.

Though the March of Dimes campaign is not a new concept, not everyone is familiar with its goals and objectives, nor is everyone informed of how they can directly contribute. A lot of money has already been raised over the years, and events like these are always looking to raise more. Printing services such as flyer printing area highly effective method of promoting campaigns that could be used to help the March of Dimes to increase awareness and thus generate even more revenue.

Flyer printing remains a high-ranking promotional tool that is not only tried and true, but also inexpensive. Flyer printing is effective because it is a method of advertisement that is usually very direct, and the visual images that flyers display are not easily forgotten.

This year’s March of Dimes campaign did well to attract such a large number of people and raise funds for a good cause in what is only its fourth year. With increased support, one day this annual event could reach proportions in which the entire city of Charlotte may have to shut down for the March of Dimes’ walk.