Charlotte is the choice for Democratic National Convention

August 12, 2012 by  

Charlotte is to be the site for the upcoming Democratic National Convention held September 3 – 6. The event, which comes round every four years, will take place in the Time Warner Cable Arena. On the last evening of the convention, presumptive nominee Barack Obama will deliver an acceptance speech in the Bank of America Stadium.

The ‘Queen City’ was chosen over Missouri, St. Louis, Ohio, Cleveland, Minnesota, and Minneapolis. North Carolina became an important win for the last election cycle as Obama won by a narrow margin.

Two former presidents will speak, Jimmy Carter addresses by videotape and Bill Clinton will formally nominate Barack Obama. The mayor of San Antonio is the keynote speaker with Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren speaking about economic policy. First Lady Michelle Obama will also speak at the convention. Printing companies will probably be busy making posters, flyers, and banners for this national event.

The federal government is providing a grant of $50 million for security. The money is allocated for the police force, software, police bicycles, command center, and neighboring officers. The Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service, and the Charlotte Police Department will be policing outside areas of the convention, which has been aided by a government grant and should quell concerns that the event could be targeted by protestors.

The Obama family has said that it is pleased with the location choice, since the president has spent plenty of time in North Carolina and thoroughly enjoyed being in the state.