Charlotte is preparing for the Democratic National Convention

November 12, 2011 by  

With presidential campaigns already well underway, the city of Charlotte is reminded every day that the date of the Democratic National Convention is coming closer. As is par for the course at these events, many people will expect to see lots of banner printing and flyer printing involved with the decorating of the venue. The question is sure to become that of sorting out who is going to foot the final bills. Since the Host Committee is attempting to raise about $37 million without the help of special interest groups, the funding will largely be dependent on private donations. This fact has prompted past mayor Harvey Gantt to make this plea to the public:

“Even $5 will make a difference,

“But if you’ve got a little more than $5, we’ll gladly accept that, too.”

Although only the committee knows the exact numbers, it definitely seems like people are responding to the city’s need. However, raising money isn’t the only way that Charlotte has been preparing itself as a host.

As most are undoubtedly aware, politics sometimes brings out the worst in people. The local police force is not taking any chances on this high-profile event and has many local officers studying the latest techniques in riot control.

According to WSOCTV, police departments from other nearby regions have also been participating in the training sessions. Although the convention isn’t set to take place until September 2012, it already looks like Charlotte is going to be well-prepared on all fronts.