Charlotte Business Owners hosting event February 8th

February 1, 2012 by  

On February 8th, 2012, the Charlotte Business Owners group will be holding a workshop called “How to Crush Your Competition and Differentiate Your Company’s Brand!”.

Following the usual structure of Charlotte Business Owners meetings there’s time allowed for networking, presentations, and introductions. While attendees may be asking print companies about business card printing, digital business cards are another inquiry worth considering after this workshop.

Organizers have publicized the meeting this way:


You are cordially invited to the next meeting of the Charlotte Business Owners group!

As usual, we will start with general networking, introductions, first & secondary presentations (while eating lunch), wrap-up and more networking.


This month we are lucky enough to get an expert in Internet consulting. Her company typically charges $250-$300 per hour for information like she is providing to us for FREE.” (sic.)

The speaker, Laura Greeno, has a résumé that speaks for itself. Having spent over a decade as an online marketing consultant, while also receiving credit for her work in founding WebScout™, Laura offers a unique perspective that business owners and professionals can learn from.

Another point that may be of interest to potential attendees is the venue. Noted for its excellent breakfast and brunch menu, the food is going to be the least of people’s concerns at this event.

All this being said, Charlotte Business Owners does have a limit of 30 people. With 29 local professionals already registered, anyone planning to be at this get together will have to sign up soon.