Banks expand in SouthPark area of Charlotte

May 13, 2013 by  

Several small and mid-sized banks have expanded into the SouthPark area of Charlotte in the past few months, perhaps drawn into the location as a result of its busy population, ritzy retailers, and wealthy neighborhoods.

Most recently, NewBridge Bank, which is based in Greensboro, announced plans to construct a full-service branch in the area. The new location, which will also be the bank’s first full-service branch, is scheduled to open in the SouthPark area later this year.

Other banks have expanded into the SouthPark area over the past year, and include Greenville, South Carolina-based CertusBank and the Bank of North Carolina (based in High Point), which both opened up branches in the area late last year.

The bank president of CertusBank also revealed that it has recently considered bringing an administrative office to the SouthPark location. The Bank of North Carolina, meanwhile, is located just across the street from the Piedmont Town Center in SouthPark.

Yet another bank, Paragon Bank, has announced plans recently to expand in the area. While Paragon, which is headquartered in Raleigh, is already established in SouthPark with a space it has been leasing for the last few years, the bank has announced plans to relocate to a larger building in the SouthPark area that will give it room to expand.

As all of these banks continue to move or expand into the area, they also create more business for local firms, such as the print companies that could be utilized for business card printing or other printing services required by the financial facilities.