Ballantyne Chapter Lunch and Marketing Squad podcast coming up soon

March 1, 2012 by  

Whether a business person wants to hear more information on social media marketing and the extension of digital business cards or is simply interested in hearing about how Charlotte’s economy is progressing, the Chamber of Commerce has events worth looking into.

Things will be kicking off right away on the 1st during the Lunch being hosted by the Ballantyne Chapter. At this event the President of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce will be discussing the Chamber’s plans for the upcoming year as well as the positive economic developments that have been taking place in the city. The two programs that he will be discussing in detail include

“Chiquita and CMEDI (Charlotte Minority Economic Development Initiative)” (sic.)

Starting at 11:30 am and expected to go until 1:00 pm, this is a great chance for local entrepreneurs to engage one another and get important information at the same time.

A few days later on the 7th, business owners and entrepreneurs have the option of listening in on the Marketing Squad during lunch hour. As explained on the chamber’s site:

“Meet the members of the Marketing Squad, an informative podcast that airs every Tuesday on Nathan Ritchie will talk about personal branding. Scott Hepburn will talk about blogger outreach. And Brandon Uttley will talk about SEO. All three will answer your questions about Internet marketing, social media and more.” (sic.)

It’s been touched upon before but it’s worth saying again: Charlotte-based professionals have a fair amount of options to choose from this month.