Possible festival to fill blank in Apex calendar

November 4, 2013 by  

The Apex Downtown Business Association is proposing the addition of a Founders Day celebration to the city’s yearly calendar. Incorporated on February 28, 1873, the Founder’s Day celebration is penciled in for the first weekend in March, and would add an event to what tends to be a quiet time of year in terms of festival when compared to the very busy summer and fall in the area.

According to Mike Sayers, a member of The Apex Downtown Business Association, consideration was given last year to adding an Oktoberfest to the city’s festival calendar. On reflection, it was determined a celebration in the first few months of the year was deemed more important. The Founders’ Day Celebration idea was brought up at the October 15 meeting by Sayers and the feasibility and costs are being considered by the various city departments.

The proposed Founders Day festival would celebrate the entire time period surrounding the town’s birthday and would include antique cars, historic reenactments and old farm machinery. Although held in Apex, neighboring cities such as Cary could benefit as well. In addition to providing a fun event for local residents to attend, Cary businesses can also tie into this and other nearby festivals to increase their sales.

One of the keys to a successful festival is the promotional efforts that go into it. Ordering sufficient banner printing to hang across main streets leading into town is the most obvious way to advertise such an event, and this may be provided by the same printing companies that supply flyer printing services.