Help on the way for the wayward wanderers of Cary

December 31, 2012 by  

Cary is growing rapidly, adding residents, the homes to house them and, most confusingly, streets. Many new streets added hither and yon have produced a problem for lifelong residents, new residents, and people visiting. Thankfully, help is on the way and there is hope for those driving lost through the streets of Cary.

A multi-million dollar project to promote the city’s difficult-to-find downtown is erecting around 100 signs that will hopefully direct drivers to the downtown business district without confusion. Phillip Smith, planning manager, says that he has spoken to people who did not even know that Cary had a downtown. Many others who did admitted that they did not know where it was or how to get there.

At present, local businesses may use flyer printing in the hopes of attracting patrons, but they will still be stymied as to how to keep those customers from getting lost along the way. Some residents have resorted to using GPS but, for those without such a devise, the confusion continues. Moreover, for those who must travel streets so new that GPS is unaware of them, getting where they want to go can be a comedy of errors.

Some Cary residents, like Michelle Hillison who has lived here for 15 years, say that a few visual clues may encourage them to explore the area a little more. To back up this new sense of direction, perhaps local businesses could consider investing in some map and brochure printing from local printing companies.