Cary’s MetLife jobs stopping in Raleigh first

May 20, 2013 by  

MetLife (NYSE: MET) is temporarily increasing its footprint in Raleigh with an expansion into the University of Phoenix’s recently vacated space at the Capital Center building. For those who have been eagerly awaiting MetLife’s announced move into Cary, this may seem like disturbing news, but there is no reason for concern.

John Calagna, a MetLife spokesperson, explains that the Capital Center expansion is being used on a temporary basis to house the IT staff MetLife has started recruiting for its new campuses in Cary and Charlotte. As the University of Phoenix reduced its space in the building down to 9,000 from nearly 25,000 square feet, MetLife increased its space from 4,472 to a little over 20,000 square feet.

In March of this year, MetLife had announced its expansion in North Carolina would mean 2,600 new jobs for the state. The openings were to be divided equally between Charlotte and Cary. Those plans have not changed and local businesses would do well to consider how the influx of jobs will affect them.

Conferring with their print companies to see if an expansion or change in their print advertising is necessary is one way local merchants can prepare for this change in Cary’s economy. However, without knowing where the new offices for MetLife will be in Cary, it is difficult to make any detailed plans.

Real estate sources indicate that negotiations are underway with Highwoods Properties (NYSE: HIW), a Raleigh company, to build the Cary campus but neither parties were willing to confirm this.