Cary school helps slam bullying with sports stars’ visit

April 30, 2013 by  

Students in a Cary school recently got a visit from a TV basketball pundit and some university sportspeople, as the school looked to power home the message that bullying is not welcome.

East Cary Middle School has asked its students to put their names to pledges that they will not harass their schoolmates and will do what they can to put an end to bullying – a message strongly supported by multi-network analyst Debbie Antonelli when she visited the school yesterday, April 29.

South Carolina resident Antonelli, a former pupil at East Cary, is clearly a keen advocate of investing in people and seeing their positive qualities. She said:

“You don’t want to encumber someone with negativity. You want to empower them with something positive.”

Antonelli was joined at the school by Marissa Kastanek, who is a North Carolina State University sharpshooter, and football player Anthony Boone, who plays quarterback for Duke University. Kastanek said to the students:

“I challenge you guys. Instead of looking for the flaws in somebody, look for the positives.”

A Families and Work Institute study has shown that almost one in three American students are being bullied or have been the victims of bullying. Yearly campaigns like Anti-Bullying Week have been set up to address this, and many schools have turned to poster printing to discourage the habit through striking artwork.

It is to be hoped that the high profile visitors to the school, together with its bid to make students conscientious about bullying, will help curb bullying – at least in this particular institution.