Cary residents want more greenways

November 11, 2011 by  

If the results of a recent survey are to be believed, the residents of Cary want to see more greenways in their town. With the town of Cary still in the early stages of its park and recreation plan, it has wasted no time finding out what people are looking for. Although surveyors were expecting the greenways to be of interest to the respondents, no one was expecting 60% of the responders to say that the trails needed to be the first priority.

Anne Miller of GreenPlay LLC had this to say in the News Observer:

“The greenways and trails, people are using them almost weekly on average,”

The problem faced by many of these avid runners is not so finding trails so much as it is Cary’s lack of a unified network. As a result of this situation, joggers are unable to follow a single pathway despite having 60 miles worth of trails to choose from.

Though it would seem that the results were one-sided in this case, the town won’t be calling local printing companies to talk about banners for the park opening just yet. Besides the addition of extra trails, there were other issues that residents wanted addressed by the new plans. Local concerns included the distribution of recreation centers, public swimming pools, and suggestions for improving the downtown area.

Most likely, the town will continue to weigh the concerns of residents as it makes its final decisions. With plans still being drafted and GreenPlay LLC continuing to solicit opinions from residents however, people have every reason to be optimistic about the new plan.