Buckeye barbecue set to sizzle

December 1, 2013 by  

Cary is to be the site of an invasion or expansion, depending on your outlook. The restaurant chain, City Barbeque Inc. is extending its reach into North Carolina starting with Cary. Based in Dublin, Ohio the company is 14 years old and already has 23 restaurants. Come spring, residents will have the opportunity to see what ‘Buckeyes’ know about cooking barbecue.

The barbecue franchise realizes it is moving into an area with a rich barbecue culture. When interviewed, Rick Malir, founder and President of the company is quick to point out that he isn’t looking to start a food fight. He says he is not claiming his establishments does barbecue better, only that it does it differently.

As is common when a new establishment opens, a print company will probably be engaged to familiarize the public with what the new place has to offer. Multiple flyer printings could be ordered to entice the locals into trying City Barbeque’s wide variety of styles. The flavoring of items on the menu bear the influences of Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas barbecue styles, as well as that of North Carolina.

According to Malir, the Raleigh-Durham market was selected due to its similarity to Central Ohio, in which the company originated. It is expanding in several markets where it already has a presence, such as a fifth store for the Indianapolis market and second one for Lexington, Kentucky. The Cary store will be the first in the North Carolina market but is not expected to be last.