Back from the grave comes Bella Mia

February 6, 2013 by  

Those seeing flyers or posters advertising the Bella Mia restaurant here in Cary may assume, incorrectly, that they are left over from before that establishment closed in late December. In fact, Bella Mia has been reborn under the ownership of Dan Morrison.

Trained by former proprietor Rich Guerra and family, the new owner and his crew have learned the basics very quickly. Restaurant critic Greg Cox certainly thinks so, and said:

“Judging by the two pies I’ve sampled so far, since the restaurant’s reopening, it looks like the new pizzaiolo crew are fast learners.”

One of the main attractions of Bella Mia is its coal-fired pizza oven; the 900 degree oven cooks a pizza in 90 seconds. There can be no daydreaming on the job working that oven and it takes a conscientious crew to consistently turn out the kind of pizza pies for which Bella Mia’s is known.

Morrison, the new owner, is Long Island native and so presumably has an appreciation of how a quality pizza tastes. Watch out for any flyer printing to announce an extended menu for Bella Mia, will pasta and Panini dishes among those that could soon make an appearance.

Additionally, a lunch service may soon be added, perhaps by the middle of February. Hopefully, local printing services will be used to inform potential patrons. Opening for lunch will be dependent on how quickly pizza bakers can be trained to handle the midday crowd.

Although the restaurant has changed hands, its location is still at 2025 Renaissance Park Pl, Cary, at the Arboretum.