Statesboro teacher celebrates top honor

May 12, 2013 by  

Congratulations are in order to the Georgia Teacher of the Year, who has been named as Jemelleh Coes from Langston Chapel Middle School, right here in Statesboro.

Poster printing in celebration would certainly not be out of place for Ms. Coes, who teaches Special Education English Language, Arts, and Reading. Now the proud winner of the always wonderfully early 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year award, she goes on to represent the state at the National awards.

The committed teacher, who is driven to help others, said in her application:

“You have a choice. Choose wisely. This is one of the most important lessons that I hope to instill in the life of every student that I come in contact with.”

It is not all glory though. As holder of the award, Coes is asked to serve as the Georgia advocate for public education. Talking about the new role for which the Georgia Southern University alumuni has been appointed, Dr. John Barge, the State School Superintendent said:

“Jemelleh Coes is going to be a wonderful representative of the teaching profession in Georgia.”

He continued:

“As the daughter of immigrants from Guyana, Ms. Coes worked hard to become a teacher and make a difference in the life of a child. Now she will have the opportunity to share her story and passion with many others.”

The award was presented at the start of May, at the annual banquet. Held at the Georgia International Convention Center, it was a glittering event that celebrated all finalists for this year.