Statesboro folk warned to take care with the ‘flu

January 17, 2013 by  

While reports that the ‘flu epidemic that has spread throughout the country are beginning to recede somewhat, Statesboro residents are still being warned to be careful.

Similarly, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the virus could also make a big return later in the season.

The problems faced in Statesboro led the East Georgia Regional Medical Center to put a limit on visitations, and issue advice to help combat the spread.

Poster printing and flyers printing are likely to help people understand better what to do but, in essence, washing the hands and face well and getting a shot of the vaccine are all that is needed.

Until further notice, the hospital has also limited visitors to Cardiac Care, ICU, Labor and Delivery, Nursery and Pediatric and Postpartum departments to those aged 18 or over. It has also said that only children in need of medical attention should attend the center.

As well as limiting patient visitors to two people at a time, the hospital has also said that anyone suffering ‘flu-like symptoms such as chills, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, and vomiting should not visit at all.

Meanwhile, healthy residents of Statesboro have been thanked for attending the recent blood drive which took place on Friday, January 11. The next event will be taking place on Thursday January 24, with all donors entitled to entry into a $1,000 home improvement gift card draw – an added bonus for giving the gift of blood.