President Jimmy Carter and wife celebrate Georgia Day in Statesboro

February 26, 2013 by  

All throughout Georgia on Tuesday, February 12, it was clear that much effort had gone into banner and poster printing, as the state celebrated Georgia Day.

Wonderful scenes were seen all over, despite the weather, but nowhere more so than in Statesboro, with GSU welcoming President Jimmy Carter.

On its 280th birthday, it was fitting that the state’s only elected President addressed many of its residents. The 39th President spent little time speaking of his 1977 – 1981 tenure at the top though, focusing instead on the humanitarian efforts of the The Carter Center.

A not-for-profit human rights organization, the former President and his wife, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, founded The Carter Center in 1982.

The couple spoke passionately about the main focus of the Center. The organization is presently heading up immunization and healthcare education drives in impoverished communities all over the world. They also spoke about the Center’s role in monitoring democratic elections in the developing world.

Particularly entertaining for the guests was the Carter’s memories of their early years in Georgia, though. They discussed the time they spent in Plains, following President Carter’s departure from the Navy. The farming tales would have brought much resonance to many, while all those gathered would have enjoyed the tales of his time spent serving the local communities on a number of boards.

During their address, the former residents of the White House also spoke of the political climate of Carter’s era, and how different it is to today’s, with a particular emphasis on spin used in election campaigns.