New printing initiative could interest Statesboro stores

February 18, 2014 by  

Stores in Statesboro and close by could well be looking at fashion retailer Net-a-porter for guidance for their future marketing activities, as the luxury brand has launched an all new print magazine.

Said to be a ‘major strategic investment’, Porter was launched amid the pomp and glamor of New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

To many traders in Statesboro, it may seem nothing special, with many stores and outlets having their own in house magazines and brochure printing well in hand. However, with poster printing and banner printing used to good effect, Porter will break new ground by going on sale at the newsstands.

It will hit the print run six times through the year, keeping fashionistas up to date not only with Net-a-porter’s latest lines, but trends in the industry.

A global publishing run encompassing four versions will be produced across 60 markets. Here in the US, 10,000 outlets have already committed to its sale. Over in the UK too, another 6,000 outlets have been confirmed.

It is expected that 400,000 copies of each edition, which will sit comfortably on the stands with a 275mm x 228mm dimension.

The first edition, comprising 280 printed pages including an eight page gatefold cover has been designed on UV coated gloss paper. This is hoped to deliver the high end product desired by the luxury firm.