GSU casting call answered by hundreds of Blue and White fans

April 23, 2013 by  

Statesboro residents turned out in force earlier this month, answering a casting call put out by Georgia State University.

Blue and White fans were recorded cheering and celebrating as movie crews took to the field at Paulson Stadium, recording key scenes for the upcoming movie ‘Erk’. The motion picture is a biopic of legendary Eagles head football coach Erskine Russell, with the film taking its name from his nickname.

‘Erk’, who died in the fall of 2006, headed up the squad from 1981 through 1989. To ensure authenticity at the filming, the fans being shot by the crew were dressed in typical clothing from the 1980s. Big hair, shoulder pads, big sweaters, and neon colors were all duly on display.

Quoted at the release of the cast request, the movie’s producer, Beau Turpin, said:

“We want to capture the essence of Paulson Stadium as it was in 1984.”

Eagles games always have a good atmosphere, but expected repeat takes were needed. This ensured that such formalities as the angles and lighting were correct, but the crowd literally rose to the occasion.

Turpin, a GSU alumnus, also requested for fans not to overdo things too much. Rather than create an 80s retrospective, realism was needed. However, calls for fans to bring their own noise-makers, such as milk jug-shakers, did seem to have been listened to.

Fans attending the game will look forward to the late 2013 release, to see if they made the coach’s final cut, and will no doubt look out for poster printing to advertise its release.