GSU boosts local economy by $500m

August 4, 2013 by  

Georgia Southern University is worth more than $520m to the economy of Statesboro and the wider Bulloch County, according to the 2013 survey on the Georgia University system’s economic impact.

The report, run every year, also says that at least 6,500 jobs rely on GSU too.

The president of the university, Brooks Keel, explained why the institution is so important to the area and how it maintains it success:

“Despite the tough economic times we faced in the last several years, Georgia Southern continues to grow, provide a high quality education and generate jobs for so many people,

“Even with the financial challenges, people still value higher education and see it as a life-changing investment. We are so proud of what this University contributes to our community and so thankful for the tremendous support we receive in return.”

According to the survey, which is produced by the Selig Center for Economic Growth, GSU students spent over $270m in the past year. This spending alone impacted on just about 3,500 jobs in the immediate area.

It shows just how important getting that poster printing campaign right for students and the faculties is for many business located in Statesboro. This is particularly true of places to eat, drink, and, of course, party.

It is something that is true throughout the state too, as the combined research showed that the overall worth to Georgia of the state’s colleges and universities impacts the local economy by over $14bn.