Food bank trio to move into shared Statesboro site

January 16, 2014 by  

Statesboro has been chosen as the location for three local area food programs to join forces, to better serve people in need.

The Food Bank Inc., the Food Bank’s Morning Outreach and Rebecca’s Café will move into the new premises in the former Julia P. Bryant Elementary School. In early December, the Bulloch County board unanimously voted for the offer of the building.

The terms of the lease will move from the old deal for the old Sallie Z. building, which sees a nominal fee of $1 annual rent applied. The old site will be sold by the council, realising a $1.6 million valuation.

Talking of the deal, Try Brown the finance director for the county council said:

“This just even more solidifies the board’s commitment to the community as the Food Bank continues to serve the community, and this will expand their opportunities to be able to serve more Bulloch County residents.”

It was a move which also makes sense to Joe Bill Brannon, the operations manager for the Food Bank of Statesboro. Brannon, who is a volunteer, said:

“I would like to see everything go to one place so everybody would know, you know, that if you’re hungry you can get a meal here.”

The plan will also offer the opportunity for the programs to expand, with Rebecca’s Café running its free fresh lunch initiative five days a week operation already being touted. Presently, the program operates only at lunchtime on a Tuesday.

As well as looking for more volunteers and extending operations, the space will also be used to hold public nutrition courses.