Wit comes to Snellville

February 18, 2014 by  

‘Wit’, an award-winning play, is headed for Snellville, with poster printing for the event later this month likely to be already on display.

The production will be performed and hosted by the New London Theatre. With the company made up of a host of favorite local actors and two newcomers, it promises to be a show which will pull at the heart strings of many.

The Pulitzer Prize winning story, which was written by Gwinnett County schoolteacher turned playwright Margaret Edson, is a celebration of human spirit.

Wit tells of a terminally ill cancer patient, Vivian Bearing Ph.D. An English professor, she is accepted as part of an experimental treatment trial, and tells her story through a series of flashbacks.

The Snellville production is being directed by Dawn Berlo. With so many people affected by cancer directly or indirectly, she said:

“After reading the script I felt it was something that the people of the area should experience.”

She is also happy with the cast she has to work with. The roles in the story are largely made up of teachers and medical staff, and Berlo explained:

“As it turns out, we have 3 teachers and 2 doctors in a cast portraying mostly doctors and teachers.”

The first performance is on February 28, with the run showing through March 16.