Snellville to help host teen summit 2013

February 10, 2013 by  

Snellville is one of the locations selected by The Gwinnett County Public Library to play host to the Teen Summit later this month. The third time the library system has hosted the event, and it will use the recent clamor over hit film ‘Warm Bodies’ and the ‘zombie infestation’ as its focus.

The zombie rom-com proved popular with local teens, so this year’s summit will concentrate on safe survival in the modern world.

As well as learning to cope with the undead, other essential survival techniques will be up for discussion. With stationery printing touting that first aid, public safety, and self-defense will be discussed, it could prove a valuable visit for the young adults of the city.

Four branches of the county library system will be playing host to the summit. As well as the Collins Hill, Five Forks, and Suwanee branches, Snellville’s Centerville branch will put on the event.

Each area to be discussed will involve a thorough presentation from trained professionals. Teaming up for an interactive presentation on safety and law enforcement will be Gwinnett County and Snellville police departments.

Taster lessons for taekwondo and karate self-defense will also be provided by experts in the field.

All teens are invited to attend the summit this year, to both have fun and learn. Everyone is urged to bring their friends along too, and really make this year’s summit one to remember.

Print companies are helping advertise the event. Things get underway from 12:30 pm through 4:30 pm on Saturday, February 23.