It’s time to get ready for summer

May 19, 2012 by  

In just a few weeks, the summer break will be upon us and for many households in Snellville, all kinds of mischief will break forth. To help parents find activities to keep their little rug-rats entertained in the weeks ahead, there are fortunately many local activities taking place.

Already, local print shops are being tasked with anything from poster printing, banner printing, and flyer printing to get the word out there. As the break approaches, the streets of the city will be festooned in advertizing. With the kids on the loose, there will be all sorts of companies doing whatever they can to grab the attention of the little ones and give their thankful parents a priceless moment to themselves.

One such company hoping to feature its advertizing prominently is likely to be Carmike Cinemas. In what is being dubbed the “complete package” for movie entertainment, Carmike 12 in Snellville, and the sister site Gateway Cinemas 12 in Bethlehem, will present their ‘Kids Summer Movie Series.”

Some of the most popular family films will be showcased through the Thursday morning event, starting June 7, with Puss in Boots, through August 9 with Megamind. Each movie has a 10 am start time. There will by a range of animated classics to entertain the kids over the summer, including Chicken Run, Kung Fu Panda, Bee Movie, and Madagascar 2.

As part of the $2 package, each ticket also includes a 16-ounce drink and 53-ounce popcorn. Other concessionary items will be available at regular prices at each event.