Governor seeks return to the old days for Snellville businesses

March 12, 2012 by  

Georgia’s economic turmoil is novel to city officials and the citizens of Snellville and surrounding areas. The state’s numerous business incentives, favorable regulatory environment, low taxes and low costs of living resulted in state leading the nation in economic growth for decades. Hiring rates were often higher than the rest of the country and the states recessions were rare, mild and short. This changed dramatically starting in 2007.

As a result, Governor Nathan Deal has offered an economic stimulus plan designed to return the state to the economic glory days. The proposal focuses primarily on three things: taxation, investment and infrastructure. Governor Deal wants to remove the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing; decrease sales and use taxes for materials needed in construction projects, sale bonds to finance expansion of the Savannah harbor and build new water reservoirs.

The plan is not without detractors, however. Some people question whether or not the tax breaks being offered will equate to job creation. Allocating money towards education, water reserves and transportation has garnered almost unanimous support.

“Infrastructure is a particularly cost effective way of generating growth. There are paychecks to the workers, who will spend the money. Plus, the state of Georgia will spend less on unemployment and also collect more tax revenues,”

says Andrew Fieldhouse, a budget analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, located in Washington, D.C.

If the governor’s plan is successful, many businesses and job seekers will turn to the printing services of metro Atlanta shops in areas like Snellville for a variety of needs. These include marketing, stationery and resume printing.