Celebrate the arts in Snellville

November 22, 2011 by  

The Arts in Snellville Extravaganza, Holiday Edition will take place the weekend of November 25-27 at the New London Theatre. Tickets are $10 and are available either online or at the theater box office.

The extravaganza promises to feature lots of dancing, singing, acting and painting. Local artists will be displaying their work. Those taking part include the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, Bryan M. Lewis and Jesse Farmer. There will also be a silent auction which will auction off several of the works of art which will be on display and a “Twelve Days of Christmas” prize giveaway.

The Arts in Snellville Extravaganza is intended to show the “best of the arts in Snellville”; local residents will be treated to a showcase of the type of talent living in their community.

The event is being advertised with a colourful poster. Printing companies most likely worked with the organizers to create a poster that would draw the attention of passers-by and give them all the details they need about the event. This poster meets all the criteria of what a good poster should include.

Most communities have a thriving arts industry, but the public often knows nothing about it. Events such as the Arts in Snellville Extravaganza are necessary to let the rest of the community know of all the talent lurking in their midst. When many think of the arts they just think of painting, but they are so much more; every community has dancers, singers and actors who are working away in obscurity.