Visit the Children’s Book Festival Poster Exhibition

November 25, 2011 by  

The Children’s Book Festival Poster Exhibition is running at Gallery S.P.A.C.E. until November 23; 160 posters created by Savannah school children are being exhibited. Each spring local school children are asked to compete in a contest organized by Live Oak Public Libraries to create posters that:

“may be used in the promotion of the annual Savannah Children’s Book Festival.”

First, second and third place awards are given in each of three categories; elementary, middle and high school. The winning entries for this year can be seen on Flickr; all are colourful and related to books or the library. All of the entered posters are on display at the gallery until November 23.

Events such as the poster contest are a great way to get children interested in the book festival. So many children are getting away from reading and it’s good to see that some of them still believe in, and want to promote, books and reading. Literacy is a great gift and book reading must be promoted at every opportunity.

Parents in Savannah whose children either have exhibited or won an award can sent all their friends a copy of the poster; printing them out from Flickr to mail to grandparents, or sending an email link to friends and family will show their children that they are proud of their participation. This can only encourage them to continue to work on their art skills and to enter again in next year’s contest.