Savannah gears up for spring extravaganzas

March 11, 2013 by  

With March 2013 now well underway, Savannah is readying itself for its biggest, busiest ,and best time of the year, as the St Patrick’s Day Parade and the Savannah Music Festival come to town.

Both are always hugely attended events, with planning for floats, stalls, and banner printing all well underway months in advance.

The 2013 shows are set to be no exception, all starting in just a few days’ time with the St Patrick’s Day Parade. The second largest in the country after New York City, this year’s event takes place on March 16.

Somewhere in the region of 350 floats are expected on the procession, made up of more than 15,000 participants. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to line the route. It is an early start, with the parade starting at 10:15 am and taking some three hours to its end in River Street.

That will just be the start of the craic though, as the Parade festival then takes place, complete with traditional Irish and modern rock music to wow the crowd. Local businesses will be on hand to provide food and drink too, while print companies will no doubt help them get noticed amongst the colorful noise of the day.

The city will barely have time to recover from the Celtic celebrations before the Savannah Music Festival gets underway too. This year starting on March 20, the 18-day event will run through April 6.

Events already confirmed for the event include an exclusive double bill with “the extraordinarily gifted jazz vocalist” Jane Monheit, and the “rising cabaret star” from New York, Jennifer Sheehan.