Savannah businesses told to keep up Canadian trade

May 16, 2013 by  

A large group of over a dozen influential leaders and business owners have been told to continue developing exports to Canada, at a World Trade Center workshop.

The workshop, which took place at WTC’s Hutchinson Island office in April, carried the strapline ‘Canada: Strategic partner, on-going trade opportunities’, as it was revealed that our northern neighbors are our top international trade partner.

Discussing how the relationship injects $9.6bn into the economy on an annual basis, Stephen Brereton, the Canadian consul general, said:

“Canadians are your best customers.”

The Georgia Department of Economic Development figures also revealed that over 325,000 jobs were reliant on the trade, with over 18% of Georgia’s exports headed North. It is an increasing volume of movements too, as the export rates to Canada from the state have risen by almost 8.5% since the turn of the century.

Brereton went on to say that efforts would continue to build on the trade at a political level and congratulated the determination of businesses to make it stronger.

As the trade has boosted the number of business card printing runs needed in Savannah and across the state, the business between the two countries was also welcomed by the Government.

U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) representative Todd Gerken, who is director of the department’s U.S. Commercial Service, said:

“It is obvious the demand between eastern Canada and the southeastern United States is growing and growing.”

He went on to say that he foresaw further opportunities in the future.