Roswell library finally makes name for itself

October 21, 2013 by  

The name for the new library in East Roswell has finally been decided upon, and will simply be the East Roswell Library.

The to-the-point title was originally rejected by the trustees, but it was the preference of the folks who will be using the library.

Finally though, local printers can be contacted to ensure the new stationery printing is scheduled in time for the slated grand opening of the library next year.

Two months back, in August 2013, the trustees had rejected the name Holborn Glen. With East Roswell put out as a candidate name following this, the naming committee said it received an overwhelming number of nominations in support.

That this name was selected in the second round of nominations will be a surprise to many though; particularly mayor Jere Wood. He was on record as saying the East Roswell name was divisive, though community opinion suggests this may not be the case after all.

The mayor himself has also changed his thoughts, according to an article appearing in the Roswell Neighbour early in October.

The new library, which had its groundbreaking ceremony in September, sits on the corner of Holcomb Bridge Road and Fouts Road, but is not the only new Fouts Road development.

The new home of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance opened its doors during the weekend. Arts Center East, or ACE as it has been officially named, sits in a former private home.

Completely renovated for the arts, it is hoped the building will be a natural area for community creativity.