Roswell Business Alliance unveiled

December 7, 2011 by  

On November 29, the Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Board announced the formation of the Roswell Business Alliance. The alliance will aim to bring new business to the city and to ensure the success and continuation of current businesses.

To start, the Alliance is receiving funding from Roswell City Council for two years; $175 for 2012 and $335 for 2013. It is expected that eventually dues-paying members will be able to support the Alliance, along with help from the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The importance of business alliances such as this cannot be overstated; businesses need other businesses. They need their products and services and they need the peer contacts that come along with it. Networking is a large part of doing business today, no matter where you are. Networking through the Roswell Business Alliance will be good for those printing companies who provide business cards. It is suggested that for every networking meeting or seminar a person attends that they carry at least 75 business cards.

As stated above, the Roswell Business Alliance will also aim to bring new businesses to the area. A healthy city needs a constant influx of new companies; they provide jobs for citizens and bring in new citizens, which in turn provides a larger need for real estate services, medical services and shopping services. New businesses also help those companies who will be providing services and supplies for those businesses.

The Roswell Business Alliance once established will be a great boon to the city.