Historic Homes Set To Open Doors For Rare Public Display

April 17, 2012 by  

With three historic antebellum homes homes in the city, there are many people visiting Roswell each year to soak up its heritage. Well used to printing catalogs and flyers for the tourists though, this year could see even more needed with a special event planned in the city.

Partnering with The Georgia Trust for Preservation (GTP), the Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Roswell Historical Society and the city of Roswell are all teaming up to host the Spring 2012 Ramble in Roswell.

Each year the GTP hosts two rambles throughout the state, with a view to highlighting the many historic sites there are. Comprising educational and social events, their real highlight is in visiting private properties that are steeped in history, but which are not otherwise open for public visits.

This year’s three-day event in Roswell will not just see Archibald Smith Plantation, Barrington Hall and Bulloch Hall on the itinerary, but 18 private homes also open their doors.

Speaking about the event, Roswell Historical Society archivist Elaine DeNiro said:

“This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity … many of these private homes will never be opened to the public again.”

The event will take place on April 20, 21 and 22, visiting a different area of the city on each day.

With many hundreds of people likely to attend the event, it is also a great opportunity for local hotels and restaurants to join in. As such, ensuring they contact their local print companies for help with postcards, flyers and poster printing is advisable.