Peachtree City weather office warns of high pollen

April 2, 2014 by  

Allergy sufferers across the local region have been warned to expect high pollen counts over the next few days by the Peachtree City National Weather Service (PTCNWS) office.

With poster printing often undertaken by local print companies to warn of major weather and environmental conditions, the PTCNWS’ Ryan Willis said:

“I imagine that for allergy sufferers, the next few days probably won’t be very good to them.”

The news, which comes as the area enjoys mild days, is also backed up by advice from The allergy forecasting website has predicted that pollen counts as high as 10.7, working from a 12-point scale, could be seen locally.

The figures also match Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic data. This time working from its own scale with a zero to 1,500+ range, monthly clinic comparisons from March 2013 against this year reveal increasing daily levels.

According to the clinic, six days through March 2013 hit a count of 100 or more. This year, March saw 10 days where the pollen count topped 100.

The highest levels reported are also higher. In March last year, the highest level recorded was 356. This year, that high point was 944.

Throughout the state, a local expert has warned, pollen seasons are traditionally long. Talking to local press towards the end of March, allergist Dr. Ronald G. Beebe said that the colder winter this year is likely to make matters even worse.