Peachtree City pumpkin sale kicks off

October 8, 2012 by  

As the night of Halloween fast approaches and homes throughout Peachtree City start getting ready, pumpkins will always be in high demand.

Great decoration round the home at fall in any case, and brilliant for making pumpkin pie of course, it is good news that the Peachtree City Volunteer Firefighters Association has started its 2012 pumpkin sale.

Things got underway on Saturday September 29, with the event running through the month of October. The annual event is something of a tradition here, with many folks taking their pumpkin purchasing very seriously. Choosing a gourd is no easy task for those who want to cut that scary face right – they need to choose carefully, checking the flesh skin and even the stem for just the right level of ripeness.

Whether creating a masterpiece based on the works of Michelangelo, a vomiting zombie, or a traditional Jack O’Lantern, getting the right carving type is important.

It is not just pumpkins that are on offer from the guys at the PCVFA though. For those really wanting to get into the spooky spirit, there is a whole host of accessories to buy. Everything on sale is reasonably priced but all customers are urged to dig deep into their pockets. With all proceeds going directly to training our city’s brave volunteer firefighters, it is certainly a very good cause.

The event is underway right now at Weber Station at 475 South Peachtree Parkway and Leach Station 110 Paschall Rd and no doubt many locals have already seen poster and flyer printing promoting it.