Peachtree City Getting Ready For The Future

April 17, 2012 by  

An event at City Hall last Sunday afternoon, aimed at shaping the Peachtree City of the future, attracted opinions from both the business and residential communities.

The ONE Peachtree City campaign is a planning exercise which will look at how the city will develop commercially and residentially. The effect of redevelopments and establishing where boundaries for growth should be set are also to be discussed.

It will also offer an invaluable networking exercise for the community, and help people get to know and talk about their own plans with each other.

Sunday’s meeting was only the first opportunity to get involved with the campaign however.

To help those who were unable to attend, and allow local businesses to organize any business card printing they may need, there will be two follow-up open house events over the next two Sundays.

The sessions will determine what the collective goals and ambitions of the community are, and be used to create a foundation for a comprehensive plan for the city.

The campaign will also look for people to attend a series of three roundtable sessions throughout May and June, to share their own perspectives on what should be preserved in the city, and raise any other concerns about the city’s evolution.

People can also set-up their own roundtable events, with the help of a planning tote bag. With a kit to help, there is handy stationery and printing has stretched to brochures and catalogs.

The next two sessions get underway at the lower level community room at City Hall from noon until 5pm.