Peachtree City gets ready to love itself

February 8, 2013 by  

A great innovation from Peach City Enterprises (PCE), LLC, of Peachtree City is aiming to see the city learn to love itself, and celebrate what a great place it is to be.

With its launch of ‘Peach City Socials’, it will look to offer great local music, food, and entertainment to Peachtree City residents and folks all over Fayette County. The events will be a jointly organized scheme with Fayette Woman Magazine.

Speaking of the venture, the publisher of the magazine, Joyce Beverly, said:

“We wanted to create a real opportunity for readers to experience something completely unique and innovative, here in the Fayette County, GA.”

Poster printing for the first event, ‘A Peach City Valentine’ being hosted on February 14, has already been completed.

Taking place from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, the night is being held at the Wyndham Conference Center. Starting with an extravagant Red Carpet reception, the theme for the event is Hollywood Glamor.

It is hoped that at least one event will be scheduled each month through the year – each being themed with magazine features.

The communications strategist at PCE, Hector V. Herrera, said:

“Our goal with these events is to offer the local community a truly entertaining and engaging experience. Through this collaboration, PCE and Fayette Woman Magazine can create memorable events and experiences, for those loyal readers who want more.”

With more business-to-business and consumer initiatives also expected from PCE, it could well turn out to be an award-winning series of nights and boost business in and around Peachtree City.