Farmers market set to move from Newnan to PTC

February 4, 2014 by  

The Our Community Farmers Market (OCFM) could be set to move from its Wednesday Newnan location to Peachtree City.

After Newnan City Council said it wants to move to a new vendor, the manager of the farmers market, Matthew Tucker, said:

“We are looking at opening in Peachtree City.”

If the market comes here on a Wednesday, it will be in addition to the running of the Saturday market. That has proved very popular in the last year, helped by print advertising, which one of the organizers of the OCFM said was a problem in Newnan.

Co-manager of the OCFM, Marianne Pizzitola said that some of the poster printing had been made with errors, leading to confusion among farmers and visitors.

Engaging professional print companies from the local area and working closely with them ensures accuracy.

The Saturday market in PTC takes place on MacDuff Crossing and has been great for the community to get to know their local farmers and help local dollars stay in the area.

The market also provided greater variety of produce and more agricultural products than Newnan, something which could be maintained in the midweek market should it be confirmed.

Tucker and Pizzitola are understood to still be putting details to go to PTC with a working plan, with Wednesday vendors traditionally harder to attract than for weekend pitches.