Newnan residents warned not to feed feral cats

June 16, 2012 by  

There is likely to be a good deal of poster printing and leaflet printing over coming weeks, as Newnan residents are asked to refrain from encouraging the city’s feral cat population.

Over recent years, the number of stray and feral cats in the city has grown at an alarming rate. It is something which continues year on year.

Many dozens now congregate behind popular shopping centers such as those on Bullsboro Drive. Others are frequenting further areas with a high concentration of trash cans. The result is a real threat to public health.

With at least one outbreak of rabies a year in the city, the need to clear the population is obvious.

Understandably, many residents in the city take pity on the cats and feed them. However, this action is preventing the city authorities from trapping and relocating the animals.

There is already an active catch and release program in place, but the rabies vaccination given only lasts for between one and three years.

To tackle the problem, people seen feeding the cats could be issued a citation.

The problem of people releasing domestic cats in the area will also be addressed. Anyone seen doing so may be issued with a citation for abandoning animals.

People who are eager to help the animals are urged to take other steps. Local rescue organizations and animal shelters are always in need of supplies, such as food and bedding for example. Most importantly though, people wanting to give a few hours of their time to the cause will always be welcome.