Newnan gets 108 new jobs

November 30, 2011 by  

MBM Foodstuffs Inc. is opening a distribution center in Newnan; that will make four in Georgia. The company, which is based in North Carolina, will invest $12.6 million in the center and will create 108 new jobs. The Newnan center will become”one of MBM’s main food distribution centers in the Southeast” and will open in the first quarter of 2012.

MBM Foodstuffs was founded in 1947 and is listed as one of Forbes top 50 privately held businesses. They distribute foodstuffs for national restaurant chains and set the “world standards in the industry.”

In this economy, the fact that a company is creating so many jobs is huge news. It will be a big boost to the entire area. Most local Newnan businesses will benefit from the new jobs; people will have more money to spend and some who come from out of state will need a place to stay. Businesses would be wise to start marketing to those people who will be working at the distribution center. Arranging for flyer printing would be inexpensive ways to let people in Newnan know what services or products that they can offer. These flyers can either be sent through the mail to everyone in the community or they can be handed out to those entering or leaving the distribution center. The flyers could also include a discount for new or existing customers.

Whatever steps are taken by local businesses to capitalize on the opening of the new distribution center, they are all good for the city.