Georgia launches Transparency Project

January 8, 2014 by  

Amidst the ongoing, high profile revelations of secret Government intelligence gathering programs both at home and abroad, Georgia has begun work to make its government as transparent as possible

The Transparency Project of Georgia is spearheaded by journalist Kelsey Cochran and open government advocate and longtime newspaper editor Jim Zachary. The objective is to bring together journalists and citizens in support of this cause, in the belief is that elected officials are working on behalf of the public and that the public deserve to know what the government is doing.

In order to achieve the goal of an open, accountable state and local government, Cochran and Zachary are planning to recruit a wide assortment of helpers. Among those assisting them would be media bloggers, professional journalists, students and concerned citizens. Many grassroots movements benefit from the less expensive means of recruiting members and dispersing information, such as brochure or flyer printing. These print products can be made available to everybody, from active supporters to those with just a passing interest.

At its website,, the organisation describes itself as a grassroots advocacy project devoted to the promotion of openness in local government. The project champions the rights of access for journalists and other interested parties including ordinary citizens. The transparency Project of Georgia maintains its impartiality by not soliciting or accepting donations.

If this project is successful, McDonough residents may soon get an idea of what is transpiring at the local, county and state levels of government.