Full-of-beans performance starts in Marietta

March 21, 2014 by  

Starting tonight, ‘Back to the Beanstalk’ is being presented by the Young Actors Playhouse, telling the classic story about Jack and the adventures he has before returning to the beanstalk. Brochure and poster printing were most likely used to advertise this comedy fable all over the community.

In this story, the loveable Jack is the main character and lives in a village being overrun with mice and rats that are infecting all the food sources. Jack’s mother wants to rid these undesirables from her home, but does not have enough cash to pay the Piper to get rid of them.

Jack comes up with a brilliant idea and decides to trade the family cow for some beans that promise to bring him wealth. After the trade, great adventures take place and Jack learns many things, but the audience will have to attend to learn about what they are.

Tickets for this play cost $12 per adult and $9 per child under the age of 12. Back to the Beanstalk will be on stage from today until Sunday, March 30, at various times, at the Young Actors Playhouse located at 11 Whitlock Avenue in Marietta, Georgia. Parking is available at the square.

To find out the times, or purchase tickets, visit the Young Actors Playhouse website or call the box office at 678-224-8095.