Whole Foods coming to Kennesaw

March 12, 2014 by  

Food retailer chain Whole Foods Market recently announced that it is to open a store in Kennesaw.

The location for the natural supermarket will be a key part of the new mixed use space taking up 50 acres of the U.S. 41/Cobb Parkway and Barrett Parkway corner site.

With a 450,000 sq ft retail area and a total of 30 residential units for development, the Fuqua Development LLC filed its plans for the site at the early part of February.

The new Whole Foods Market outlet will take up a tenth of the retail space available, and will create a host of jobs for the area while providing natural and organic foods. Talking about the deal, a press release from the firm said:

“We’re excited that we’ve found a great location for the Kennesaw community, and we look forward to providing more people with good, healthy food options. We aim to be more than a grocery – our stores have a strong connection with the communities they serve.”

As well as offering foods which contain no artificial additives, the firm aims to be a driver for volunteering and fundraising in the area, the press release went on to explain.

There will be some time before poster printing starts announcing the launch of the new supermarket, however, with the opening date slated to be some two years.