Stars align for Kennesaw Main Street development

January 6, 2014 by  

The long awaited development of Main Street in downtown Kennesaw has been given the go-ahead, after the end of 2013 saw final plans granted permission.

The development was first proposed more than two decades ago, and December’s unanimous agreement by Kennesaw City Council in December was heralded as momentous. Saying the stars were aligning, Mayor Mark Matthews continued:

“It’s huge. This is what people have been talking about for over 20 years.”

The plans, which are slated to start at the end of this month, will see major construction projects. As well as hundreds of new residences, up to 14,000 square feet of commercial area will be created, together with more than 450 new parking lots.

It is the intention of the council to use this as a driving force for the economy, and there are already discussions with firms wanting to move to the new site. Print companies in the area will no doubt be gearing up to help businesses with their printing needs too.

The land set to be developed, encompassing around five acres, has taken a long time to be brought together. First isolated in 2008, the long process called for negotiations with four property owners.

Once underway, the project is expected to take up to 18 months. With a summer 2015 opening on the cards, Matthews is keen to get started. The mayor sees the plans as an important step to growing the city in the future, and is also expecting further developments to come online.