New School of Art and Design slated for KSU

July 9, 2012 by  

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has announced it is to turn its Department of Visual Arts, into a standalone separate School of Art and Design.

In its news release this month, KSU said the decision to switch from department to school is a response to the huge growth seen by the arts department in the last few years. The five years from 2004 through 2009 saw arts majors leap by 70%.

The director of the new school, who will be Joe Thomas, confirmed this, saying:

“The size and complexity of the department has increased to a point that they exceed the boundaries of a typical department.”

With KSU’s average student increase in the same time period being just 25%, the proposed switch is clear to understand.

As well as making the move in recognition of the popularity of art and designs, it also allows the school to take on a definition more recognizable to the direction and purpose it is taking.

Thomas continued:

“The School of Art and Design more clearly encompasses what we do, as design is a major part of the curriculum.”

Four degrees will be offered by the school, which will look at art history and all areas in which art and design is used in modern day life. From poster printing and design, to fine art education, each topic will be covered.

With graduates from the school likely to go on to forge their own careers in the art industry, or even find a job working with print companies in Kennesaw, the school will certainly create a host of opportunities.