More than just a paper moon in Kennesaw

September 4, 2012 by  

The latest exhibition being put on by Kennesaw State University looks like being a popular one, with it focusing on the subject of ‘substitutes’.

Titled ‘Paper Moon’, it will be a showcase of work which represents the artists interpretation of their life, or an aspect of it. The exhibition will also analyze the history behind the use of substitutes, the role that they continue to play, and how society still responds favorably to them despite knowing they are being deceived.

It will be a showing of both historical and contemporary displays, with work being provided from contributors from far afield. As well as regional contributors, there will be a number of artists from across the country and from overseas.

The exhibition takes its title from the 2nd World War Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole hit of the same name. As with the song which was about the sad truth of the theater world, it will show how imitation is fallible yet still appreciated.

A series of adverts will promote the event, which opened on August 30 and runs through December 6.
Poster printing will no doubt attempt to state just how hard it is to replicate the real article, though visitors to the event will be able to really understand this for themselves.

The exhibition is being hosted at the Art Gallery in the Sturgis Library through October 1, and the Don Russell Clayton Gallery in the Bailey Performance Center through December 6. Entry is free and open to all members of the public throughout the duration.