Mexican music and food coming to Kennesaw

February 2, 2014 by  

An all-Georgia Mexican dining out experience is headed for Kennesaw, with a summer 2014 opening slated for the ‘FlexMex’ restaurant and taqueria bar.

With six locations throughout the state already, there will be many local people excited when Tin Lizzy’s Cantina starts its poster printing campaign.

With construction on the George Busbee Parkway already started too, the banners that will likely go up will no doubt draw attention way ahead of the official launch day.

Tin Lizzy’s offers diners a FlexMex experience. Mixing a flexible multicultural approach to a traditional TexMex style cuisine, it is known for interesting combinations.

For example, customers regularly chow down on such dishes as soft tacos and quesadillas, as well as a number of specialty skillets. It also offers salads, as well as sharer for the table and a selection of dipping sauces and salsas.

There is also a stunning array of cocktails, including a large number of margaritas. There are also about 30 beers to choose from.

Announcing the opening, the joint owner of Tin Lizzy’s, Andy McKoski, said:

“We are excited to open our next Tin Lizzy’s in Kennesaw,

“We’ve wanted to bring FlexMex to Cobb County for some time, and Kennesaw is the perfect location with its diverse mix of residents and students.”

For five nights a week, Tin Lizzy’s also puts on live music.