Kennesaw sees big drop in unemployment

May 5, 2013 by  

The number of business card printing requests in Kennesaw, and across Cobb County, could be heading for a boost after official figures showed a welcome fall in the unemployment rate.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, the rate for Kennesaw unemployment dropped down to 8.5%. This represents a combined drop of 1.4% from the same time in 2012, where the city posted an unemployment rate of 9.8%.

Across the county, the improving economy took great strides in getting people back into work too. According to the official labor figures, Cobb County saw its unemployment rate fall to just over 7%, with more than 1,170 people finding work from February through March.

This represents a net increase of 157, bringing the county’s working adult population to 377,648.

Back in Kennesaw, there was a total drop of 52 people being shown as officially out of work through March than in the previous month. The total labor force remained largely steady though, with a total of 16,825 workers being based in the city.

It is all very good news for businesses, and not just those taking on new staff and making fewer redundancies.

As the people who live and work in the city regain confidence and spending power, local stores and restaurants can expect to see more footfall and increased sales.

With the public more receptive to advertising too, it could well be time for local businesses to boost their spending on marketing, through summer poster printing runs and the like.