Enercon provides more jobs in Kennesaw

November 29, 2011 by  

Enercon Services Inc. has announced that they are moving their head office to Kennesaw. The company, which was founded in Tulsa in 1983 provides “engineering, environmental, technical and management services” to private, public and government clients.

Enercon is an employee-owned company which helps other businesses become, among other things, compliant with government environmental regulations. They are also a leader in the resurgence of nuclear power plants as an energy choice throughout the United States believing that it is one of the cleanest forms of energy available to us.

The company, which has 18 offices in the United States and one in Dubai, currently has 350 jobs in Kennesaw and more are expected. At a time when many companies are laying off employees at a staggering rate, it is always good news when a business decides to expand in a particular area.

The city of Kennesaw could use this information as a way to encourage other businesses to move to the area. Arranging with local printing companies to print up a flyer would be a good first step. This flyer could be distributed through direct mail to companies in the surrounding areas, or inserted into national newspapers. It can cite the Enercon example and explain why Kennesaw is a good place to do business. They can also use it in any tourist advertising; if people know the city is attractive to businesses they may be convinced that it might be a good place to take their next vacation.