Fayetteville celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

June 12, 2012 by  

Along with many people across the country, Fayetteville residents have been enjoying the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

No more so have these celebrations been in evidence that at the Fayetteville British Club. Itself celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year, eight of its members hosted their very own special event at the Hilltop House restaurant.

For one member, the event was particularly special.

In 1953, Jennifer Sousa watched the Coronation celebrations in person. The Fayetteville resident, originally from Wembley in north west London, England, was just a 9-year-old girl at the time. Six decades later, Sousa is still reveling in the pageantry that England is so loved for.

She is watching it all on TV:

“Every minute. Every channel.”

She went on to admit she has gotten the whole family involved.

“Got the grandchildren watching it.”

She said.

Taking a look at the ceremonies in Britain, it is clear that printing services have been in much need, with banners and posters, flags and signs and a whole host of decoration clearly in evidence.

With their celebrations elaborate to match too, the members of the Fayetteville British Club have also been busy.

Every member of the club, mostly made up of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh wives of US soldiers was dressed in the finest attire for the event.

Toasting the Queen with afternoon tea and swapping stories of their own experiences at the Coronation, a whole lot of fun was clearly had by all, on this very special occasion.