Pepsi deal means same arena, new taste for sports fans and concertgoers

January 23, 2012 by  

For the first time since 1992, visitors to the Gwinnett Center will be quenching their thirst with beverages not manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. Pepsi Beverages Company is the new soft drink provider for the more than 1 million guests who frequent the Gwinnett Center’s Arena and Convention Center each year.

Pepsi is expected to serve soda, water, juices, teas and other refreshments. Having Pepsi as the exclusive beverage vendor of the Gwinnett Center is expected to:

“enhance the time spent attending our concerts, sporting events, trade shows, banquets, performances, and other events,” according to Preston Williams, the chief executive officer of the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Although financial figures and the duration of the deal have not been divulged, Williams referred to the arrangement as a:

“Longterm commitment for both parties and involves both an equipment and manpower investment.”

This is good news for local construction companies, service industry equipment providers and job seekers. Conversion of the site began in early January and involves such tasks as installing operating equipment that meets Pepsi’s specifications and replacing Coca-Cola logo with the Pepsi logo throughout the Gwinnett Center.

The transition is surprising to some due to the fact that Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta and the initial agreement between the company and the Gwinnett Center lasted almost 20 years. According to general manager Joey Dennis:

“Pepsi just really wanted the business, I guess is the best way to put it, and was very aggressive. Pepsi came on board with a lot of great opportunities for the building and the patrons.”

Such a change in brands means printing companies in areas near the arena, like Duluth, will be needed to reflect the changes on newsletters, programs and other documents.